Delved Expectations 

I expect you to do this ! I expect you to understand  ! I expected !I expect ….how many times have you expected  something  from  someone!  And how has the result turn out to be ?  I bet majority  of the time the results  would have been disappointing  for  you.

We human  do not understand one simple thing that we ourself  are  the reason for our disappointment . Majority  of expectations develop  where there is a relationship ,love , bond , attachment etc . Some people express it directly while some deny to agree that they are actually expecting unknowingly from the other person .

Ask your  self, do you expect anything from a person  walking  on the street or do you even  expect  auto driver to always agree to  let you hire his auto to reach the desired destination ! No right!  We expect  with our parents , friends, life partners,  boyfriend, girlfriend,  siblings and close ones ! Agreed  ?

As a child  you were always  free , do whatever  you wish to .. other people’s  vague  action  and reaction  did not matter  to you .. all you knew was how to keep yourself entertain and  busy doing  different activities  in a day ,isn’t  it ? At that time did you even expect  anyone to do anything  for you? No right ?  Everything  happened  on its own without  your expectations  and still you were much more happy  then what you are right  now.

Keeping  expectations  is not wrong  in anyway … but expect  from people  you believe  are going  to understand  your sentiments . Expect  from  the universe , nature , eternal  force  , yourself  !

Life is too short  to crib  on things  .. start  living  now 😊


Re-lation-ship !

What does the word  relationship really mean ?                                               There is no definable  answer  to this ! Relationship  is purely  emotion base phenomenon which  varies  from person  to person .                              when you connect  with the person emotionally  is when a relationship is given birth , this is my perspective about  relationship. This may vary from person  to person, as everyone on this planet is one of a kind … no other identical human like you ! There might be some set of similarities, which might  connect  you with each other.

Relationship is a broader term in its ownself .. we have relationship  with parents , boyfriend /girlfriend, friends, spouse, neighbours etc. etc.

What is  a toxic  relationship  is another question  ?                                                       Toxic relationship  does not always mean  that the person  is physically harmed , emotional damage is also a very big toxic in any relationship , which people fail to see. Physical harm  can be fixed and the visible scars can heal over time but the emotional damage has a very long lasting effect . 

Take an example  of a small child  who is raised in an environment  which has a lot of violence , it will have a long lasting effect on his mind ,or a marriage in which a wife/husband is reminded each day where they lack or what they show do and should  not do, will end up making  them loose their self-esteem . Anything  which does leave a life time scar to your inner soul is very rightfully a toxic relationship  !

It is very important to develop  a relationship which is emotionally strong . Account  to me one should always have a relationship in which they connect mentally, because  when you have mental connection with one another , you have similar thinking and there is no room for difference  in opinion , you will never end up getting bored or unsatisfied because , you will always have deep conversation  and each conversation will contribute  to more stronger emotional  bond between the two.   

Develop a relationship  which  relishes your  inner soul, Which makes  you feel beautiful and confident  about yourself.  And if you are not experiencing  the inner gratification then don’t choose to settle with it .

Choose to Be like a wild river ,no one can stop you .. you find  your own way if someone tries to build a dam to stop you. While  on the other end, prefer not to be like a pond which has a limited boundaries to itself .

Lets end it here, as I mentioned  in the beginning  , relationship  is defined differently by different people  .. this was just another perspective to look at it !

Lets make a change !

Have you ever  tryed spending  time with your own self ?

Try it .. trust  me you will enjoy  every millisecond of the  time spent  with your own self . Everyone around us just adds up to our enjoyment- they are like cherry  to the already delicious cake .The real  pleasure  is when you enjoy your own company. 

Back when I was in school ,initially  I was that chubby ignored  kid … slowly as time passed and I reached  my 7th grade I suddenly  became  a part of that MOST HAPPENING GROUP  of school . No doubt  I was happy but I had one question ,is  it because  my physique  changed  and I started  having good features  or was it my nature or something  else ?  But the question stayed  back in my mind and I never gave a second  thought to it, because I was carried  away  by the sudden change and attention.  

Years  passed by many friends  made and lost ,many promises made  and broken, many vow to be in touch…which never happned , many minor and major changes and after all this…………. LIFE STILL GOES ON.

Somewhere we all sail in the same boat let it be a person of age 15 or 50, but  we all deny to accept the fact that nothing lasts forever .We need to learn and accept that nothing in our entire existence is constant  . Change is a part of life and when ever we try to resist the change  we end up getting disappointed , unhappy  or what ever you name it ,all of them are negative feeling which does not feel good !

Today while following  my  recent morning ritual of jogging and workout with my old school friend  with whom I reunited recently ,a thought  crossed my mind , after school-life ended we lost complete contact with each other, never even thought we would reunite and right now I am creating  a new & strong  bond with the same old person. Strange isn’t it ? But thats how things work .. you never know what next moment has for you !

The bottom line of sharing  all this is -Let life happen and flow with it . Do not lose your heart  when there  is a slow or a sudden  change , accept  it  all and have faith  that there is something even more better and beautiful planned by the universe JUST FOR YOU. Even I am working  on this and with my own experience I’ll say there are few rough days when you feel frustrated and sad ,but pause for a minute and say to ur self WE NEED TO TALK ! 

Just a start

BLOGGING…completely  new thing for me . Being  a kind of  a person who love to share her feelings and thoughts   .. i feel blogging  is gonna be a big yes, yes for me indeed.

I Would take this blog as a journey   with my own self  rather  then making it mainstream  .

Being  in the final year has its own experience . It’s  a roller  coaster which has many ups and downs .. the memories which are left behind  and the fear of entering the rat race ,facing the real challenges. 

Well i m no exception, two months left for the final examination  of bmm and i m through ! What  next ? Was a big question . Everyday  research about  job opportunities  , chances  of further  studies  etc etc . Which adds up to my stress as the days pass by .. till i finally  broke out and was lost within. The fear was killing me inside  because every  further  course  i see , job opportunities i find was not even close to what  my liking was .. all i knew was I DO NOT WANT  8 TO 6 JOB .. I HAVE  LOVE FOR ART AND PEACE   . Deep down i knew i have some purpose  in this life ..all i have to do is to find the purpose  of my existence ! 

Throughout  this experience  of career stress ,which lasted for around 4 weeks, i understood  there is no point  in stressing each  day as if it’s  ur last .U are the master  of ur own life . Do not invest  in stressing , live ur life now .. because  if u keep worrying  about  small things each day, u r missing  out on each precious  day of ur life. I m no philosopher,but definitely a regular  follower of The Secret,  robin sharma , sadguru and all possible  people , books ,article  , speeches which  are inspiring and mind opening .

My great support  has always  been my sister and my boyfriend  .. these two have always been there getting  angry on me when i make mistakes , pampering  me like a spoiled  kid , giving  there arms to hide when i m scared  and protection  me from evil eyes. And i appreciate all of it ! 😚

Each  day i m working  on myself to be a better  person  first,  then  a successful person . I m willing  to note down the experience  of  my life and evaluation  by my self how far and better i m growing  in this journey .